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Be Creative with Meals

The end of the week is the perfect time to use the leftovers from previous days or the produce that might be nearing its expiration date!

Using leftovers and produce allows increased colors at meals but also allows one to put together different flavor profiles that they might not normally do!

Recently, I had a hodge podge of leftover veggies and made the following:

Swiss chard, onion, garlic, tomatoes and scallions sauteed in avocado oil - simply seasoned with salt a pepper.

Served over 1/2 cup. cooked quinoa and topped with a grilled chicken thigh and sprinkle of fresh parmesan.

Protein and healthy fats aid with satiation

Protein aids with muscle repair and recovery

Healthy fats aid with brain and heart health

Vegetables are high in fiber - which is great for gut health and loaded with antioxidants (strengthen immune system, oxidize free radicals, decrease inflammation)

Complex carbs offer fiber as well - opt for items such as quinoa that offer protein

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