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Nutrition Packages, Rates, and Details

Nutrition Consultation

Initial nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian.  This is a comprehensive nutrition analysis to fully understand your history, goals and current lifestyle.  This appointment will establish overall goals and Registered Dietitian will provide recommendations and 2-3 example days.  This is ideal for individuals are already very healthy and might only need a few small tweaks to current daily diet.


Starter Package

Nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian.  Creation of overall health and wellness goals and a sample 1 week meal plan + one follow up email/check-in with Registered Dietitian.


Basic Package (4 weeks) 

Initial nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian.  Creation of overall health and wellness goals.  One month/four week meal plan to aid individuals in meeting goals and weekly follow up emails with Registered Dietitian. 


Gut Health Package

Initial comprehensive nutrition consultation + 3 phase approach for restoring gut microbiome.  Ideal for individuals with chronic GI distress.  This will focus on eliminating foods during the first phase (2-4 weeks) and then reintroducing foods during the second phase that will support a healthy gut microbiome (4 weeks).  The third phase is a lifestyle maintenance phase to support gut health, individuals will shift into phase 3 during week 6 or 8 depending on length of phase one.


Metabolic Reset Package

Initial nutrition consultation + a total of 6 weeks of meal planning (this is 3 phases, phase 1 is 2-4 weeks, phase 2 will range on duration based on your overall goals (minimum 2 weeks) and phase 3 is the maintenance/lifestyle phase once goals are achieved) + weekly email follow up with Kathryn x 6-8 weeks.  This is ideal for individuals who are seeking a complete diet reset, weight loss, decreased sugar cravings, increased energy, improved free fatty acid metabolism and overall improved well-being for a new lifestyle.  Additionally, this is ideal for individuals training for endurance events to aid the body in properly utilizing fat for energy. 


Monthly Unlimited Coaching

This would include unlimited emailing and texting Registered Dietitian (RD) for support during meals, sending pictures of meals with feedback from RD on how to make better, tips for special events, etc.  Additionally, this would include a weekly 15 minute check-in (in person or virtual) and meal planning support as needed.

$199 (with initial consultation and meal plan creation)

$99 (add-on once initial consultation and meal plan are created)

Additional Follow-up appointments after initial consultation: 15-20 min. appointments to continue to discuss individual needs, make nutrition tweaks, create additional meal plans for special occasions/eating out, etc. 

4 appointments: $75

8 appointments: $150

Nutrition coaching only appointments: 30-45 min appointments to discuss various components of overall health - ideal for individuals who need additional support to make long term lifestyle changes.  Individuals training for running/endurance events, managing new diagnosis or overcoming diagnosis, history of chronic dieting, eating disorders/disordered eating patterns.  

4 sessions: $100

8 sessions: $200

Group Nutrition Presentations:

30 minutes $75

60 minutes $100  

Grocery Store Tours:


Other? Please let me know if the service you are looking for is not listed above and we can work together to create a package that properly meets your needs at a price that works for you!

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